Brain Imaging
How to Participate

Our mission is to advance the development of diagnostic tools and new treatments for patients with neurodegenerative conditions through clinical research.

The Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders (IND), founded in 2001, is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit research institute based in New Haven, Connecticut. Its team of expert researchers includes neurologists, nurses, study coordinators, neuropsychologists, and nuclear medicine technologists working together to accomplish IND’s mission.

IND stands as a premier clinical and imaging research facility. A focus of our research is to develop innovative neuroimaging tools to detect neurologic conditions before symptoms appear, make an accurate diagnosis and monitor disease progression. In addition, IND participates in the evaluation of new symptomatic treatments and the development of medications with the potential of slowing disease progression.

We envision a future in which research provides methods of early detection and effective treatment and ultimately the prevention of these neurologic conditions.

The hope for a cure is through research.


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