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Parkinson Disease Clinical Trials

A brief summary of the symptoms of Parkinson disease can be found under our description of Neurologic Conditions.  The table below provides a list of the current research studies at IND involving individuals with Parkinson disease:


Type of Study

Study Description


Parkinson disease                     
non-dopaminergic Imaging

Many of the non-motor symptoms (lightheadedness, fatigue, depression, changes in thinking or memory) in Parkinson disease have been shown to be related to changes in other neurochemical systems outside the dopamine system. These imaging studies evaluate the neurochemical changes in  the brain that may be associated with the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson disease. Individuals with Parkinson disease at various stages of disease are eligible for these studies. 

Currently enrolling

PPMI Pre-Motor Arm

The pre-motor arm of PPMI will enroll participants who do not have Parkinson’s disease and are living with one of three potential risk factors for PD.
If you do not have a diagnosis of Parkinson disease and are 60 years of age or older you can participate in the hyposmic (smell testing) arm of the study by going to: or by contacting the call center (877) 525 PPMI. For more information go to the press release by clicking here 

Currently enrolling

PPMI:  Parkinson Progression Marker Intitiative

PPMI is an observational, multi-center study sponsored by the Michael J Fox Foundation to assess biomarkers for disease progression. The five year study involves evaluation of clinical features, brain imaging and other biomarkers in individuals with Parkinson disease and healthy volunteers.


Enrollment Closed


This study is designed to test the safety and efficacy of inosine, a medication with disease modifying potential, in Parkinson disease. (

Enrollment Closed

MOTION study

Sponsored by EMD-Serono, this study will evaluate the efficacy and safety of safinamide as add-on therapy in patients with early Parkinson disease treated with a dopamine agonist. ( 

Enrollment Closed

CONFIDENT This study investigates the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of the Phytopharm investigational medication Cogane on symptoms of early PD for individuals on no other PD medications. Enrollment Closed
P05664 Sponsored by Merck, this phase 3 trial evaluates the efficacy and safety of the non-dopaminergic medication preladenant in early PD. Enrollment Closed

QE3 evaluating CoEnzyme Q10 as a  potential neuroprotective agent

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate if individuals treated with CoEnzyme Q10 have a slower progression of their Parkinson disease. CoEnzyme Q10 is an antioxidant being evaluated in subjects with early untreated Parkinson disease.

Enrollment Closed

NET-PD: Evaluating creatine as a potential neuroprotective agent

This study will assess creatine as a potential agent to slow the progression of Parkinson disease.  Creatine is a widely used dietary supplement which is thought to improve exercise performance.  It has been shown to be well-tolerated and may have some ability to protect brain cells.      

Enrollment Closed

STEADY-PD This trial is designed to investigate the safety and tolerability of Dynacirc CR (Isradipine) in early PD and to obtain preliminary evidence of slowing of PD symptoms. Enrollment Closed

SETTLE study

Sponsored by EMD-Serono, this study will evaluate the efficacy and safety of safinamide in PD patients experiencing motor fluctuations, as an add-on to levodopa.  

Enrollment Closed

DatSCAN imaging:  Evaluating dopamine transporter imaging in PD patients

This imaging study is sponsored by GE Healthcare and evaluates the effect of dopamine transporter imaging on clinical management decisions. Individuals with clinically uncertain Parkinsonism or an illness with similar symptoms are eligible for participation.

Enrollment Closed

PRECEPT imaging study

This is a long term dopamine transporter SPECT imaging study for individuals who have previously participated in the PRECEPT study.  Imaging assessments provide a means for monitoring disease progression and evaluating factors that influence disease progression. 

Enrollment Closed


This study is designed to evaluate cognition in individuals diagnosed with Parkinson disease.  Subjects will undergo a computerized test of cognition (ANAM-PD) in addition to standardized tests of memory and thinking, the results will be compared to age matched healthy participants                       

Enrollment Closed

SPIN-PD:  A PD observational study

The objective of this study is to determine whether blood sampling using a technique called biospectroscopy can distinguish subjects with Parkinson disease from healthy controls.

Enrollment Closed


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