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Huntington Disease Clinical Trials

A brief summary of the symptoms of Huntington disease can be found under our description of Neurologic Conditions.  The table below provides a list of the current research studies at IND involving individuals with Huntington disease:

Type of Study

Study Description



The COHORT study is an observational study for individuals with Huntington disease or at-risk for Huntington disease.   The goal of COHORT is to collect clinical information to learn more about the natural history of HD and to correlate these findings with the genetic and hereditary information. Eligible subjects meet the following general inclusion criteria: carry a diagnosis of HD, carry the gene for HD or are at-risk for HD; willing and able to complete annual clinical evaluations.

Currently enrolling

Huntington Disease                     Imaging Studies

Brain imaging research is underway at IND to improve our understanding of the neurochemical changes that occur in the brain in Huntington disease.  Current imaging studies in Huntington disease focus on evaluation of glutamate receptors, neuroinflammation, adenosine receptors, among others. 

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