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Healthy Volunteers Clinical Trials

Individuals without neurological conditions play an important role in many of our studies as they serve as a source of comparison for the study assessments.  The table below provides a list of studies at IND involving healthy volunteers:

Type of Study

Study Description


Parkinson Disease  At-Risk Study (PARS)

The Parkinson Associated Risk Syndrome (PARS) study  is designed to evaluate a strategy for determining who may be at increased for Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease or other neurologic conditions.  This study is a large nationwide study led by investigators at IND to test the strategy of combining two biomarkers, olfaction(smell testing) and brain imaging, in older healthy adults to determine if this combination of testing offers a means to screen for early changes in the brain. 

Currently enrolling

PPMI-Healthy Volunteers

PPMI is an observational, multi-center study sponsored by the Michael J Fox Foundation to assess biomarkers for Parkinson disease progression.  The study is 5 years in duration and involves evaluation of clinical features, brain imaging and other biomarkers in individuals with Parkinson disease and healthy volunteers.

Currently enrolling

Brain Imaging Studies for Healthy Volunteers

Many of the symptoms in Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease relate to changes in specific neurochemicals in the brain.  The imaging research program at IND is developing techniques to all for imaging these neurochemical changes.  Healthy volunteers are critical to this research as it is necessary to compare the changes in the brain that occur with the brain of healthy individuals.

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